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Benefits of canine massage

Canine massage is the systematic and therapeutic manipulation
of soft tissues of the dog’s body with the intention of helping to
maintain the dog’s health or to facilitate the healing process.

While massage does not cure specific problems, it does offer
the following benefits:
health promotion and injury prevention
early detection of possible health changes
improved skin and coat condition
relief for sore and stiff, or torn muscles
relief for joint stiffness or weakness
relief of tendon or ligament weakness
relief of unexplained lameness
reduced injury recovery time
pain reduction
stress reduction
improved sense of well-being
increased trust and bonding with humans
preventative athletic therapy
improved athletic performance
increased range of motion and flexibility

Massage is not a replacement for good
veterinary care. An ill or injured dog must be
examined by a veterinarian prior to massage.
We would be pleased to work with your vet to
set up a rehabilitation plan for your dog.