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Massage and Bowen Therapy for Dogs
Serving Woodstock, Ontario and region

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Do I need a massage?

Massage enhances general health and wellness and is beneficial for
dogs of any size, age or activity level. (See Precautions.)

For dogs requiring palliative care or aging dogs, massage helps to relieve discomfort and often improves the dog’s attitude.

For dogs who have experienced abuse, neglect or abandonment, massage may increase trust and bonding with humans.

For dogs recovering from illness, surgery or injury, massage often shortens the healing time and can reduce the impact
of the stress a dog feels during this rehabilitation period.


For working dogs (service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs), massage can reduce the risk of injury while on the job in addition to helping maintain health so the dog is better able to perform his job.

For dogs that participate in activities such
as agility, flyball, herding or obedience, massage can be used as a preventative athletic therapy or as a stimulating, pre-competition warm-up.